Build Day #0: Out with the old and in with the new!

And we're off!

Johanna is so good at staying in touch and keeping us up to date, so I want to share her daily messages and photos when we receive them. This could become a daily blog! Yikes! I'll leave her words in Courier to distinguish that it's her writing to us, though I'm certain you would have figured that out on your own. :-)

7/21/17 - Out with the old...

...and in with the new! We were able to place your trailer.. and Bill brought a load of wood and subfloor with him.. what a guy.. 

We placed 2 pieces on the top after leveling and blocking the frame.. as Bill will get started in the am. here is the pile so far.. we covered the plywood... IN CASE it rains... we so need the rain. the long pieces of wood are the top and bottom plates. we build the walls all one time for each side... makes it sturdier.

So... my favorite thing to say now is... just add sweat.

I will be bringing another load of 2 x 4 studs tomorrow... would not be surprised if something gets built. The balance of the framing materials will arrive early next week. there are some things I just have trouble 12 pieces of 10’ T1-11... takes me 2 trips...

Alrighty then. Sleep well and more pics tomorrow... fo shore.

How freaking awesome is she!? And we love Bill. Haven't met him, but we are smitten already. Guess I'll have to limit entries about my emotional journey. These are far more interesting!

Seriously, though, that trailer is mighty small!



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