Build Day #2: Life in an MRI

We stopped by Johanna's building site to check out Ka Umi's loft, and we're really glad we did. We gave it a test drive and now are confident that we need to sacrifice some height below in order to eek out a little more space above. With a low-profile box spring and regular mattress, it's going to be tight, and we definitely want to avoid having our faces pressed up against the ceiling like in an MRI machine...claustrophobia at its very best (or worst?).

The other good news is that we really got to see and feel the quality of the work. Johanna wasn't there so we were able to pull, push, open, and close to our hearts' content. And it's really quite stunning. I can't tell you how many people have said, "Oh, I could build what she does for half the price." Easy there, big fella! Seeing the materials selection and the top-shelf craftsmanship, we now feel absolutely comfortable that Johanna is our girl and that we will be getting every penny's worth, and then some.

7/24/17 Ta Dum! 
First thing this morning. we all raised the walls with Bill... was very exciting.

Then he spent the day putting in the trimmers, cripples, windows and door openings. he put in what headers he had material for. the rest of the framing lumber comes in the morning.

JC spent the day belt sanding the roof rafters and staining them for Bill for tomorrow.

Day 2 and she is already taking shape...not so bad.

Not so bad?? It's amazing!

As of today, we are leaning toward the same green exterior pain as Ke Umi, with a slate gray roof. It's not what I would have chosen in my younger years, but the color is quite soothing, and it will definitely ensure the house is less distracting from the nature around her. Then again, we've got quite a while before we have to finalize that decision, so I reserve the right to change my mind. :-)



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