Build Day #3: Moo

Johanna and her team are hard at work, as reflected in her most recent report below. Jim, too, has been forging ahead with the land prep. Concrete guy comes this weekend to suss out the 6 ton bridge and to determine the best way to handle the driveway pour. Framing for it should begin then, too. 

In the meantime, our conversations have been consumed by fencing a gate locations. The plan is for the half of our 8.5 acres that is above the house to be farmed by a local ginger and sweet potato entrepreneur. The lower half we'd like to leave for cows. Currently we lease the whole thing to Darcey and his bovines, and we're hoping he'll leave the cuties to help with the mowing. The fencing is all about cordoning off the house pad and protecting potential crops from the herbivores. Busy, busy. Everybody's busy.

7/25/17 Today's journey

Bill was able to finish the rest of the framing. All the windows and fat sills are installed.. see how the windows stick out a little bit. Bill even got the top sill plates on... and the ridge beam set for the roof rafters... that JC has just sanded and stained. all in good order.

Tomorrow he will make his template for the roof rafter.. then go cut all 22 of them. then install them. he is also planning on installing the loft joists as well.

The materials came today from HPM [building supply company], which included the siding, the 1/2” ply for the loft and the 3/4” birch for the bench seats inside the house. and purlins and cedar for the trim. JC painstakingly sanded and stained the last of the roof rafters and the loft joists.. 

amazing effort.. 

Meanwhile [in Ke Umi], I got the rest of the door and drawers installed today. they all look really nice. gorgeous doors and drawers by Tom. Got the cabinet doors installed and the drawer fronts. all except one. will get that one tomorrow. the doors with the blue tape markings still have one more coat to go on finish...code for not done. I hope to get the handles on the cabinets tomorrow.. that will finish that phase. Looks so so awesome. 

Alrighty then .. Sleep well



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