Build Day #4: Da roof is on fayah!

I love that Johanna always signs off her reports with "Sleep well."  She clearly knows how important these updates are, and we are completely grateful that she takes the time each night - after surely what are long days - to drop us a note and send pictures.

Unfortunately, I didn't sleep well last night. Don't feel sorry for me though! While she and Jim are dividing and conquering on behalf of Lanikaimakani, I'm making the long and red-eyed journey to Eleuthera. My life doesn't suck. Besides, reposting Johanna's hard work here is contributing, right?

7/26/17 Great work today!

Bill got the roof rafters cut and installed. very nice. and the loft is in. here is the height for you.. and a view of the roof from up top.. straight as an arrow.

What do you want to do under the loft floor?  

JC went into power painting late this afternoon.. he got 2 more pieces done after these. 

He got all the walls bolted to the trailer and the 2 x 2 bolted to the C channel on the trailer.

Bill is going to tyvek tomorrow and start siding. 


The end of day 4.. how’s that!?

Sleep well

That, my friend, is awesome!



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