Build Day #5: Go, team!

7/27/17 Bingo...a house!

Bill is amazing. he and JC put both the long sides on the Akamai today. JC was a painting fiend. as soon as Bill nailed on a piece of siding, he was leaning up a board to prime it. So... just the ends to do now. Great team!
JC got the mahogany prepped for varathane.. which will happen tomorrow. These are the window jambs for the fat sills. you will be happy that Bill mistakenly did the end wall 2’ windows as fat sills.. so they all are the same now. 

[We wanted wider window sills for...say...resting drinks since the table surfaces are minimal. Johanna designed what she is calling "fat sills" and is adding them to all her future designs. Our contribution to the Tiny House Movement. :-)]

This is tongue and groove (from Ke Umi). it is on the ceiling and Jim is thinking he would like the same look for the loft floor. as seen from below laying on the comfy benches. Bill and I seem to think this would work just fine for you all.. I would run them through the planer to tidy up the back side. It would be going the opposite direction as the roof, however... but the same look. 

[She normally makes the loft out of plywood and covers the bottom with lauhala, a basket weave straw mat. Our experience is that it doesn't age well - water stains, buckling, etc. - so we asked whether she would propose a different solution. And we love it!]

The Ke Umi is the Paauilo green paint.. and it has the Navaho color trim.. is that what you are thinking for this one?? You will have a slate grey roof. [Yay! Yes!]

Alrighty then.. Carry on.. 

Thank you, ma'am. We will!



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