Build Day #10: Ahhh, so much better!

We've missed receiving updates from Johanna as they worked to finish and deliver their last house. So glad we decided to change the exterior paint color and that we did so in the nick of time! Plumbing and windows are underway. So glad to see things back in action!

8/9/17 Wonderful Wednesday

From the water heater to under the house. and to the kitchen. and here are the stub ups for the shower valve. just need the valve. 

Here is the new color you picked on half of the wall. I finished one window with the battens and the trim. We double sealed the jamb to the siding. just because we can. we caulk in the rest of the pieces.

You can see the water heater and you can see Bill under the house working on the pipe hookups. the whole house water filter is right there as well. on top of the white paint bucket lid.

The spigot for the water in will be between the water heater and filter. you can put a Y on it if you want water in the back.

There is another spigot on the front of the house, on the sink side of the Habitat.

Cyndy got the bench plywood all primed and painted first coat final. the battens that we had are all the right color now. I will get some more in the morning.

Not sure if you can see it. I got the 3 top windows all trimmed out with the 1 x 2 for around the fat sill. spaced it out for the windows to fit nicely.

Windows come on the 29th. can put the Navajo trim on then. We are going to put the 2 end windows in tomorrow. I can finish them as well.

The flashing that goes on top of the windows is due in next week Tuesday.. same as the roofing.. Some of flashing will go on top of the fat sills and some on the garden windows.

Sleep well!



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