Build Day #11: Huh, I guess the shower will need water?

Since there are no utilities near Lanikaimakani, we will have a catchment water system in addition to solar for power. The big debate now is where the water tank(s) will go so that it is not an eyesore and so that there will be good pressure. Decisions, decisions...

8/10/17 Nearly Friday

Your shower location. put the head a little higher than normal.

[Even though we will have the bathhouse, we decided to leave a shower on the main house, because we aren't sure when we will get to plumbing it. Guess the shower will have box seats above. ]

here is the spigot. and the back side. got the black shut off box, silver water heater then water filter. next to that will be the propane hook up.

got these 2 windows all trimmed out.. and the 2’ x 2’ window is done and painted.. just needs the navajo trim nailed up.. 

The door is in. need a handle. been doing the lever handles. and got back side 2 x 2 all done as well.

Bill got all the water hooked up. the power is all run. we lowered the lite boxes 1.5” to accommodate the lites you picked. 

here is the propane pipe for the stove.

Bill also has a 3/4” cold water stub out for the bath house, assuming you will have your own water heater in that building. [Yes, we he have one from the camper.]

He will finish the propane tomorrow and start the insulation. then the interior ply is next, which is all primed now.

Okay... was a fun day. I am aiming for the other side window trim tomorrow.

Sleep well



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