Build Day #12: The centipede table is in action!

Insulation and walls! It's beginning to look like a house. Well, more like a room. :-)

8/11/17 Friday pics!

First he pressured up the water system to test for leaks.. and well.. there were none.. yeah

Then he put on his dust mask and went to work on the insulation.. what a guy. finished by lunch.

Then he got out his centipede table and stacked 6 pieces of ply, saying out loud, "if I get all 6 up. Will be doing good."

so that is EXACTLY what he did.. so nice. 

Here is shot of the loft.

These sheets are primed white… 

Cyndy can come in on Wed to paint the final color on the walls. 

There are only 18 pieces.. so 1/3 done.

I was working away on the windows. got the garden windows all trimmed out, caulked and primed. ready for the next coat of paint on Monday. got the trim up on the 3 windows that we do have. Be glad when the windows arrive.. on the 29th .. or so.. 
I stopped at Ikeuchi true value hardware in Honokaa and had the guy thread your galvanized pipe for the propane system.. just love that guy. Ready when Bill is. 

Hoping that you ordered the lights. I am expecting the fabric in on Monday.

Roofing and flashing come next week tues.

Sleep well



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