Build Day #13: Battening down!

We missed hearing from Johanna, and now we know why. Love that the team was able to help a friend in need. Also love the amazing progress they are making! We head back to the island this weekend and will get to see it in person! Yay!

8/14/17 Yesterday's fun...

Got the whole outside re painted and it looks great. the battens are only primed. will start repainting them once they are caulked into place. 

Bill got the rest of the downstairs done. he is working on the loft. just a couple of pieces left up there. the little pieces behind the cabinets. he waits til the very end. uses up the window cut outs.

I will be putting the t & g in tomorrow in the loft. have to do that before he puts the other wall on. otherwise too tight to pull plywood out. :-) virgo 

The roofing was delivered today. and the flashing. will be great to get the roof on tomorrow. and finish the trim around the windows. needed the flashing.

Cyndy can start painting the inside now. it only has primer on it. the interior battens are all done ready to install. 

Tom the cabinet maker is working on the kitchen cabinets. hoping by friday to have a couple of bases to us.

He is going to kona tomorrow to get the rest of the materials for the tansu and closet.

We spent the day helping to move a woman and her child into a new house. she is my chiropractor. was fun. she really needed the help.. she gifted the guys with an adjustment.. they were STOKED! Back at it tomorrow. Was a stunningly perfect day today to move mattresses and stuff. thanks. 

Alrighty then.

Have a great evening... are you back on island yet??



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