Build Day #15: And your dog Toto, too!

8/17/17 Where's Bill??

He is on the roof. we were going to paint his shoes red. He is sealing the gap between the 2 roofs with the foil backed tar tape.. He went all the way down the roof on his stomach. see those screw heads right about tummy height?

I moved the ladder to the end so he could get down..

Here is your roof.. nice!

Cyndy got the battens on the exterior all painted up. or mostly. I got the rest of the battens on and caulked.

I got the windows done flashing. I was short one piece. so ordered that today.. dang!

Going to put the gutter on tomorrow and the ridge cap. and the garden windows...then pau ["finished"] with the roof. 

I am picking up the kitchen cabinet and toe kick tomorrow along with the 5” teeny cabinet to the right of the stove. now I can make a template for the granite people.

Did you get my earlier email about the rounded corner and if this cabinet is a bookshelf or has doors?

Need the sink to do the template.

If I had your permission. I would put the door handle in. I been loving the lever handles. so easy with an arm full of whatever. 

I know you are traveling. seems like you have been gone a month already.

Safe journey. see you soon.



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