Build Day #16: Sill-iness

8/18/17 Check it out!

Here is the base cabinet for the kitchen area. 
That blue tape is sticking out 14” from the cabinet. just realized there is a 10” cabinet missing. so add 10”. I will have to go re do the pic. Will let countertop hang over as much as can.

Anyway. that is the pantry on left. sink. then cabinet with drawer above it. the stove puka ["hole"]. then the little 4.5” cabinet for trays and such.

Bill started the window sills.. here is a sample.. he got all the parts milled and cut to length.. will start installing on monday. It is 5.5” of window sill.

We got the inside painted today. I will do the t&g on monday. was trying to keep the paint from dripping on it. taking shape now. Windows due on the 29th. 

Bill got both the roofing installed over the garden windows but forgot to get pic. ah well...

Well... one of you is home. the other due in soon. you, of course, can visit any time.

Okay then...



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