Build Day #17: T-minus a month-ish!

I am SO glad we went with the tongue and groove flooring in the loft! The ceiling will look beautiful from the underside. Couldn't have handled the woven straw look. My office is full of accessories - sconces, box spring, mattress, teak flooring squares for the outdoor shower, plus the rod and shower curtains. Still need to get water to the house.

We settled on a partial pavement of the driveway... just too expensive to do the whole dang thing. It'll be done on the 1st of September, and then it has to cure for a few weeks. That is timing perfectly with what looks like a late September deliver of the house. Can't wait!

8/21/17 Yahoo!

Kinda washed out. dang setting sun light. got the loft floor installed today.. and Bill marked out the benches. he will make them tomorrow.

Bill got the fat sill window jambs in today.. they are gorgeous!!


Cyndy got the rest of the outside caulked and painted. I got the corner trim on...and all the windows I can trim out.  I like the Navajo trim color. makes the field color pop.

Got the garden window flashing all done. just waiting for the one piece to show up and finish the last 2 windows.

Here is a shot of the roofing over the garden window. wanted to drop the water a little ways away from the window.  still have to add window and trim to this picture. 
The windows are due in on the 29th. The lights are incoming from you and from me.

The last piece of fabric for 2 pillows is due in 3 days. it got forgotten. 

Sleep well!



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