Build Day #18: We have furniture!

This is so exciting! Above the windows and below the roof is a valance, behind which is rope lighting. That's what she calls the "up lites." We saw this in the other house and really liked how much of a difference the detail makes in the space. In such a small room, big lighting feels a bit overwhelming, particularly in the loft. This just gives the house a warm glow. Yay!

8/22/17 Benches are in!

Bill got the up lites installed and we put the valence up. is totally a 2 person install. Check out this sweetness. love this loft [tongue and groove] floor.

Tom is working on the Tansu next. THAT will be fun. [The tansu is the stepped cabinetry that serves as the stairs up to the loft above and pretty storage underneath. By the grace of god this feature prevents us having to climb any ladders.] The benches are in and really inviting to lay down on. Can hardly see the outlet on the bench. 

I remember that you want the USB outlets upstairs in the loft but forget where else. at the bench? and by the mango countertop? Bill is doing the electric tomorrow. trying to lite up the place for the weekend.

Thanks for the lites and the outlets AND the check.. sweet!

Alrighty then... 



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