Build Day #20: The windows arrived early!

Yesterday we met Johanna at Lowes. Apparently the flooring we wanted did not get ordered, so we had to pick one that was in stock to stay on our timeline. We chose something different than we wanted - more gray than brown - but it will be fine. We also got drawer and cabinet pulls, lightbulbs (I like the antique looking ones), sink, and handles we are hoping will work as grab rails along the stairs to the loft. Oh, and a bunch of other stuff that we think we want. Ahhh, Lowes. By the end of Johanna's and my frenzy, Jim was about to poke his eyes out.

We're going to go to check out the house today. Yay! Can't wait. In the meantime, here's Johanna's latest report.

8/25/17 Friday's pics!

The windows came in early! I made a special trip back to Waimea to uncrate them and bring them back. so awesome. the kitchen window is due in on 9/22. I LOVE these windows! the fat sills worked out perfectly thanks to Bill's precise nature. 


I also brought out some cabinets.. and the countertop sub panel, which is not screwed in. check it out! Tom worked on the closet to the right of the big dresser today. and the 10” cabinet under the counter. I will have more cabinets to bring out on Tues next week.

He got all the fans and lights in. the power is on. you can turn it all on. the loft lights are way cool. I will be picking up LED bulbs for loft lights. fan remote control works after you turn light switch to on position.

Love that loft floor. we cut some 1/4” ply and put it up there. not secured yet. just so you can see where we are going with it.

The front door ext light will be fine. [I was worried that it was too big.] we are going to center it on the batten on the right side of the door. it is there somewhere inside the barn. will see if I can get someone to bring it out. I meant to do that.
The final piece of fabric arrived today. am going to run it down to Kona saturday. got all the bench dimensions.
Will be picking up the flooring saturday. and the sink. and the loft handrail. I want to set the sink into the plywood and then send the countertop to Hilo with Bill so they can fabricate your countertop.

We got all the trim for the windows and door's 1st coated varathane. we can install that now.

Have a great weekend!



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