Build Day #21: Extend-a-bench

We finally made our way to the build site to see the house, and it was so worth it! It looks great, and I feel good about sticking with the white interior because it feels pretty open. We had to have a heart-to-heart about the loft mechanics (who sleeps where) since clearly one person is going to have to climb over the other to get out (unresolved). We also got to make some adjustments, including the extension of the end bench, the cancellation of an ottoman, and the addition of dimmer switches. 

We didn't like the second choice flooring we picked out, so we went back to the drawing board. And then, Johanna got creative in order to circumvent the 6-8 weeks special order time of our first choice at Home Depot. She ordered the original color online and had it shipped to her sister in Colorado, who will, in turn, ship it here. You'd be surprised how many companies do not ship to HI. Including Home Depot. Anyhoooo, here's the latest...
8/28/17 Got 'er dun!

He got the bench extended...and the finger holes in the top pieces of plywood. check out this guy’s mitre at the corner. sheesh. we will be priming and painting it soon.

Got the countertop sink hole made and are going to drop it off at the countertop place. 

I got all the windows I could done on this side. just need final paint. Bill got the awning made and installed. AND the light. looks perfect size actually. We will take is down tomorrow to paint it.
Cyndy is marching around the house. she did final on the windows. just need to roll the field one more time and do the navajo touch up.

He got all the new dimmers in place. and they all worked!

Bill is going to work on the interior trim tomorrow.

I am going to try to finish all the rest of the window trim.

I have a granite guy that will most likely beat the price of the Big Island Laminate people. AND he is fast. Will call him tomorrow.

I get 2 more cabinets tomorrow. can put the tansu together (sans the puka steps). and the under the counter 10” cabinet.

Sleep well.



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