Build Day #7: Pre-priming the world

8/1/17 So beautiful already!

Got the t & g on the roof rafters today.. so so gorgeous.. loft end.. and kitchen end.. and then we put the waterproofing on the top.. tmw the purlins might go on.. 

stay tuned.

Zman was pre-priming the world. the 1 x 2 battens.. and the 1 x 3 trim for the windows.. and the purlins.. and here are the fascia boards.... ready for install.

Bill had 1/2 an hour before leaving today.. so we went over the electrical boxes..


Here is over the stove and an outlet on that small little 4”countertop.. and here is the microwave area..    and here is the box by the front door.. ext light.. light over bench and fan switches. 

I did order this faucet.. here is a better pic from Costco.. I was there yesterday.  

Got ahold of the countertop guys in Hilo, and they said they just got a new shipment in for the Pacific Salt. so no worries .. you may be able to go pick the one you want actually.

Okay.. you are now updated.. know as much as me.. 

I would like to get going on the fabric and light selection.. can you and Barrie start doing that aspect?? Thanks.

Sleep well.



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