Build Day #8: We've got the powah!

8/2/17 Electric is in!

Johanna sends her reports, and I promise I work hard to connect the tasks she details with the images. I'm particularly challenged with the electric; couple that with not always being able to identify the locations she references, and these posts can become somewhat of a mishmash. Thank god for the loft...I always can identify the loft.

Speaking of electric, there won't be any without solar. Jim has been working with a guy in Hilo on a proposal. We're in the sticker shock phase of the process, but we're getting there. Ditto water catchment systems.'s the latest!
Microwave corner … outlet under cabinet & under desk + refer Stove corner.. outlet on small shelf, switch & outlet by window. Extra outlet below and one at counter. Outlet/switch by desk area, outlet by floor and box for switches.

The lites for the kitchen area are centered on the window over the counter on the header. one side is 3’ and the other side is a 2'. can take pic tomorrow.

Here is desk area again.. see the lite?

Bench side. 2 lites beside window. Extra wire for outlet in front of bench seat. Outlet in corner not by stairs.. if you want a lite there or something. The orange wire is 10 gauge for connection to bath house, which will be an outlet on the side of the house.

In loft. 2 lites and 2 switches and outlets on both sides of bed.
AND.. she got painted first coat field color today. how nice. the exterior lite will go on the right hand side.
Tomorrow Bill is going back on the roof after he finishes the hook up with electrical panel. He will put the purlins on .. and the fascia.. not sure when roofing will arrive.. verrrry soon.. 

Cyndy is going to paint the exterior battens the green color and the trim the navajo color tomorrow .. so those can be installed. 

If you have any other electrical desires.. now is the time to say something.. 

Okay.. have a wonderful evening.



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