Build Day #9: The devil is in the details

While Johanna and her team put on the finishing touches on and deliver Ke Umi (the house before ours), we've been working with her partner Barrie on some of the interior details (i.e. decor). I love this stuff and have enjoyed envisioning the tiny space. Also, I realize I've never actually decorated anything from stem to stern. My style has always been to make the best out of what I have with perhaps a few new accessories or a piece of furniture thrown in. Result? "Eclectic" at best and chaotic at worst. So, it's a bit foreign for me to think wholesale about the project and to avoid getting sucked into the matchy-matchy thing. Yet another clue that being an interior designer is not for me.

Several weeks ago, we selected floor, counter, and wall/trim paint colors.

So this week we focused on a palette for the seating area. The larger boxes are for the bench cushions (grey) and back bolsters (multi), the rest are for throw pillows.

In keeping with the stainless ceiling fan and kitchen faucet we purchased, we selected this beauty for the bedside lamps.

Also, we are getting five of these sconces: two each in the kitchen and seating area and one over the desk. 

For appliances, we're good to go! The fridge is an EcoSolarCool (12.5 cu ft) and the stove is Premier 20" freestanding gas range.

For the exterior, we decided to tone down the green on the first coat and are going with Rolling Hills, and our metal roof will be slate gray. We again will be using Navajo white for the trim. And here is the exterior fixture.

I've also done a slew of purchasing for the bed in the loft: low profile mattress and box spring, feather topper, and quilt. Love new bedding!




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