Build Day #23: All the cabinets are in!

9-1-17 Looking pretty snappy!

How about this!!

this is your pullout step.

and the refer cabinet is in and the cabinet and desk area.

bring your stools and see if they will work with this desk. I can make the drawer shallower if you want. 

Imagine the mango slab overhanging 4 to 2” on this area. I marked the cabinet and the desk area.. the live edge is about 4” overhanging on left and 2” on the right .. it is about 2.25” thick currently.. but 3/8” cupped in the middle.. so.. might be under 2” when pau [finished].

I got the bench rail primed and painted today as well as the garden window corner trim. and the front door jamb.

The granite guys picked up the sub slab plywood yesterday and will get started on the countertop next week.

Talked with the owners at the upholstery place and they think they can get your cushions and pillows out in 2 weeks. so that is great!
Did I tell you the flooring shipped?  

Tom went to Kona today for the last of the parts for the cabinet drawers. he is starting the doors now. and will be cutting the mango slab first to get it off his work bench. took the both of us to lift it up there... whew.

Spent the day picking up and installing cabinets. didn’t get to the second exterior light. we took the awning framing down to paint around the door. 

I called Lowes back and no news.
[They lost our oven order]

Have a great weekend.



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