Build Day #24: Trim, paint, awning, and steps

9/6/17 Yeah for details...

I got the trim up around the garden windows. both ends. and the trim around the front door.

Cyndy been painting all the white paint. nearly done. tmw will get last side. all caulked and ready. Got the last window in and trimmed today. nice.

I got all the last piece of trim on today. working on the grab handles on the window trim. backing it with a long skinny piece of metal behind the trim.

Szilard got the last of the mahogany base molding varathaned today. ready once the flooring arrives... WHICH, BTW. is being shipped here tomorrow via UPS! yahoo!

Got the
[temporary until we build a lanai] steps made. waiting for a couple of coats of paint. here is the awning.

I am working on wiring both of the exterior lights. now, the awning is a couple of inches closer on one side than the other. IF I match the distance from the door trim then it will be closer to the brace for the awning. if I center it in the puka, then it will be closer to the trim. 

what would an OCD person do??

Tom got the rest of the drawers made today. I pick them up tomorrow. THEN he jumped into the mango piece this afternoon. Will take a pic of it when I go down to get drawers.

He is going to have, he thinks, enuf thick mango for 2 additional shallow shelves (~24” long x 2” thick). will confirm that. Do you want him to use this to make a set of 2 floating shelves for over by the single bench light where the desk used to be?
[Yes, please!]

I think I can do the floating shelves over the kitchen area. going to have to go to edge of the trim to catch some solid wood. these would be the pre finished maple. there is one stud in the middle. 

Let me know about the mango shelves. he is focused on that wood now, and I do want him to get going on the doors. we have to finish those. so get them going. 

I will call Lowes again tomorrow [about the bleeping stove]. I have postponed the countertop fabrication until we know what we are doing with the stove.

Been calling the people in Hilo for the loft handrail. what a joke. must be a county job. I will try again tomorrow. hoping for a miracle.

Great job on leveling the pad.. nice!!
[We sent her this pic on Monday.]

I am seeing that the Irma eye is staying off shore for these terror stricken people. it is bad but could have been a lot worse. now the flooding.. sheesh.
[She knows we were in Eleuthera, which is in the red. :-(]

Okay. thanks



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