Build Day #25: Yeah, but when will it be delivered??

Today's report is a collection of emails we've had with Johanna. Things are getting frustrating as we narrow in on some key decisions to be when the house will be delivered. It starts out happy enough, but there is definitely some stuff we have to work out. And I'm going to spare you the three billion messages about the freaking stove.

9/7/17 Having some fun now... [Really?Are we??]

Okay. played with grab bars today. got the ones up on the trim. and backed it with steel behind the trim. looks nice. I have the other 2 placed where they might go. For sure the one on the step. not so sure about one on refer cabinet.

I went up and down those stairs today .. without the handle. what I discovered is that I held onto the edge of the cabinet rather than the handle because it is not installed. and it worked just fine. The one on the step. I really missed and wished it was working. so. up to you. 

Got the inside of the benches all painted. redid the tops one last time. routed out the finger hole.

[We decided to use some of the remnant mango to have floating shelves made to serve as bedside tables, so the question at hand is where to put them.] Now... this is the loft. see the edge of the 60” bed with 17” left from mattress to wall. BUT remember that there is blanket and fluffy things on a bed. like pillows. and your bed up higher than usual.

SO, I sat up there for a while and decided that any shelf over the switches. would make it hard to reach. and any shelf that close to the pillow would eventually get a head bonk. What about on the exterior wall [blue line]? can still reach the light switch. no head bonking. right there for whatever you want to place on the shelf. which would be identical. right and left about 19” long, wall to window.

This is the downfall. the mango countertop is in the front. it is upside down. You have the 8” pink layout. AND it would have a live edge. the part in the back has only cut ends on it. but still available. Was going to be the drawer front. but no more. 

[We decided not to have a drawer under the desk. I really have no clue what the "downfall" is, so we have to work that out. That we can't get live edges on both?]

Okay  LMK

[And the saga continues... I think her rundown of where everything stands is to help us know when the house will be done, though I'm not totally sure.]

Question from me: I know we're talking about magic, but do you have an ideal range of dates for delivery of the house? The concrete guy just pushed back another week, so if we honor the drying period, it'll push us into mid-October. Do we bag the driveway for now? Do we aim for house delivery sooner - like in the next week or two? 

Also, we just learned the county is starting a four month process of repairing the bridge up to our road. It will be closed, we believe for half days during that time, so if we know when you're shooting for, we can do some planning to make things as smooth as possible. Thanks for your thoughts. 

Holy Moly. like threading a needle.
I am wondering if you want to talk to a couple of other concrete people. the drying time of 27 days seems excessive. 2 weeks seems way more than necessary. are you putting rebar on the edges. mesh in the middle?

the habitat weighs about 4 ton - 8,000 over 2 axles. The truck he hauls it with is an F 350. just under 10,000 pounds. Do you know when the road and bridge repairs are starting?? [This is more than disconcerting because said bridge has a 6 ton max weight. We brought her to the property specifically for the reason of ensuring she would be able to get the thing to us. Hmmm...] 

The flooring got shipped today. so will be here soon. I have everything from Tom except the doors/drawers and the mango countertop. so hopefully this week will produce them.

I did talk to upholstery people today and told them 4” foam and very fluffy. asked for 3 wraps of the fluffy stuff.. she is going to allow for 2” of fluffy on the cushions. Okay.

We will get the second light up hopefully tomorrow. I tried to drill the hole but ran into nails. need a turbo charged nail proof drill bit. I think Bill has one.

Oh... and I will give Bill the list of parts for the handrail. everything is so big at the store. so we will have to go to Hilo Steel to get a ss top bar. 2" x 6’ to tie the whole
[hand rail at the foot of the loft] thing together. He can pick up on Monday. they open at 7:30 am. not sure when Hilo Steel opens.

The countertop is supposed to be done within the next 2 weeks. the cushions are supposed to be done next week sometime. flooring in soon.

Love that the [last] window is in. 

That is all I can think of...


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