Build Day #27: You have to believe!

Johanna says that a delivery date is "magic." Of course, I want to plan, but all of the final pieces come together however they come together, and we get delivery when she feels it's time. So, we receive her reports - which are no longer daily - and happily know we are getting oh-so-close. Right now we are shooting for the first week of October. And the "Build Day" number of my posts no longer reflects the actual, since they do what they can when the can, all the while ramping up on their next house.

The concrete forms for the driveway are in, and weather permitting, the pour will take place on Monday. Then two weeks to cure. Even more than the house, we need the cows back on the property. The grass is out of control!

9/14/17 Your flooring...

That is the bench to the left of it. it is really gorgeous! Good call. Going to wait on floor install until we are done with everything.. would like to keep floor pristine.

I got the Rockler magic floating shelf hardware today in the mail. I was thinking about going over to Kamuela Hardwoods in morning and seeing if I can get a  6” wide or so … thicker Mango wood for the kitchen shelves. maybe I can have a live edge in there as well. what ya think? rather than the mahogany with the sanded edge that would match the fat sills. 

AND the cabinet doors/drawers came in today.. all wrapped up. nice and neat. so not sure if all of them or not. can start painting them now. 

Maybe Tom is going to go back to working on the Mango desktop. And the quartz countertop is being worked on. install early next week.

The upholstery people called and said that we don’t have enough of the seat material to wrap all four sides of the cushions. so I told her to put the grey on the bottom. As that was supposed to be the cushions in the first place. it is because we extended the second bench out 2'. the ottoman was supposed to be a different color. It will look like it is all one color til u lift it up and find the grey bottom. so it goes. BUT that means they are working on it, right?

Here is the railing that Johanna is fabricating for us. It's been tough to find the parts around here. And I think it's the first time she's had a client want a stainless set up versus wood. She said she likes the "challenge." I'm just trying not to send her off the deep end this close to the finish line. Apparently she has been "melting" drill bits trying to build it.

I will get the tougher drill bits tomorrow and something to buff out the rails.
What else?

Cyndy completely finished the exterior. it looks grand. very tidy. 

There is one more payment due. and then the final once we are done and the changes are tallied up. plus and minus. 



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