Build Day #28: Gimme more mango!

9/18/17 Doors are us!

Got the primer coat and first coat one side today. they are stunning. the grains all line up on the solid part. The drawers are supposed to be down by tomorrow.

Additional mango for shelving

<-- This is one option.

Mango but no live edge to speak of. -->

Here is my favorite. Matching mango and great live edge.[We gave her the thumbs up on this one.]  

I am stoked. Got 9 pair of the magic [floating shelf] hardware so it can handle the weight.

I will give Tom the new mango pieces, and he will focus on the shelves tomorrow. the mango desktop is just about done.

Here is the work cat and the awning with the new lights.

I played with the handrail today. finished drilling the holes and was so much better with the cobalt bit. even polished some of it up.

Alrighty then.


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