Build Day #29: Railing and floating shelves

9/20/17 Shelves R Us

Here is the bed marked off at 14” tall at 5’ wide. the line on the wall is center of the space - 15”. The shelf is 6” deep, just like the tape on the wall. and 1 1/4” in depth. There is a shelf for both sides out of the down fall of the mango slab. So, if this is okay, I would like to install the floating shelf hardware tomorrow. 
The shelves over the sink area are door trim to window trim and window trim to wall. The tape is 20” off of the countertop. these shelves are 8” deep and 1 1/4” in depth, with lightly rounded edges. The shelf over the stove cannot really be much lower and thought you would want both sides of the window to match. Let me know by tomorrow morning and I will have Bill install them.
Got the handrail installed today. we have a little tweaking to do on it and then that is done. turned out really nice. Looks like it just grew up out of thin air and has always been there. good call on the stainless steel idea. 
The cushions were supposed to be done today and would be ready for pick up. The countertop is incoming either tomorrow or Friday... but soon. I am picking up the finished mango slab and the floating shelves tomorrow morning. and Tom's work will be completed. Turns out that there are 2 pair of bookend woods that I picked. they are pretty sweet.

Once the floating shelves are installed.. Bill will commence with the flooring and basemolding... but not until all the interior ladder work is done.
Cyndy got the doors nearly done. she has just one more coat to put on the front. both sides have primer and 2 coats final. they look stunning.

The drawers are a day behind but looking marvey. Once the flooring is done, then the doors/drawer fronts can be installed. 

Alrighty then... have a wonderful evening.


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