Build Day #31: And we have mango!

9/22/17 Friday Pics!!

Here is the mango desk... before I oiled it...
then after. it is stunning.. see the floor sample on the floor?
Here are the pieces of molding across the back and side installed. 

What an awesome space! I am thinking no need to have the top varathaned. it has the Danish Watco Oil on it now. if you want it varathaned, I certainly can. on monday. needs to set over night. the doors are done.. the drawers needed the backs painted yet.. ah well 

Here is your cozy loft. he put down a drop clothe to protect the flooring. the shelves are rather spectacular. Here is the finished handrail. yet another great idea.

Ta dum! what about this!. countertop in. faucet placed. not hooked up. doors and sink plate in place. even got the small 4” piece of granite installed. so so sweet.

Bill actually put the flooring down in the bench area. but I forgot to take pics as it was covered with cardboard. shoots.

Barrie picked up the cushions today. and pillows, so that is incoming sometime this weekend.

AND... the window screens came in today... yahoo!!  They forgot to send them with the original order. oops! so now that is ready for pick up on Monday.

Not a lot left to finish - the flooring and the base molding, the end panel and drawer fronts, the kitchen faucet, and sink. 

Okay. there you go. dreams coming true...

When is you back on island, Lucy?? Have a wonderful weekend.. where ever you might be.



PS: Just got the next trailer in. remember this day??  Ha.. so so many dreams ago. 

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