Build Day #33: This and that

9/26/17 Coming down the homestretch...

Bill got the cabinet handles on and most of the base-molding. 

The sink is hooked up. the screens are in, tho we are 2 short... Milgard is just killing me. 2 of the 4’ x 3’ windows. Alicia has already contacted them.

The fabric is at the upholsterer. I will take the foam down tomorrow morning. I think she is going to make it tomorrow.
The shower is all trimmed out. got the handle on it and the shower head. nice. 

We got the end panel on the end of that cabinet, so all white now. will do final paint on it tomorrow.

Will finish the base-molding tomorrow and what ever other riff raff we can find. 

Will most likely move the hale out of the work area to the upper level. we are showing it off to people this weekend. THEN it come to you on the 3rd. Lucky you! JC is getting back on the 2nd, so he will help deliver a hale he never helped with. how’s that...
Okay. think we are all in good shape.
How is the driveway doing? will send Bill by soon to take a peak. Is there an address on the property. or something to identify it?

Very wonderful Hale you have here. Nicely done!


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