Build Day #35: Final prep for the move!

10/4/17 It's the morning of the move

Later today (Wednesday) our little house will make her way home! Here she is at her coming out party on Sunday, which was held at the farm where Johanna does her builds. Isn't she a looker!?
To say that the last few days have been crazy would be an understatement. We learned over the weekend that the daily closure of the access road to to our property is shifting from half days to full days on Friday, so everything has been shifted forward to avoid two weeks' delivery delay. The driveway, which was poured four feet short, needed some serious help with the transitions from dirt to concrete. They've been filled in with rocks on either end. While it's not complete, it's good enough for the trailer to make it to the site.

The cattle guard we had built by a local welder to put over a swale in the driveway (which can be seen off to the right of the tree) was finally delivered yesterday, after MANY fits and starts, thanks to under-ordered supplies and a failed first attempt because of a broken down truck. Here she is. (Yes, Halsey, I know you could have done a MUCH better, MUCH more beautiful job.)

We've been going round and round with the guy from whom we bought the tiny house on Craigslist (that we plan to use as a bathroom/shower house) to see if we can make this week a clean sweep of deliveries. That one requires a crane, a flatbed, and some handy maneuvering of the structure to land it on the piers. I don't have much faith in this part of the adventure, but we shall see.

Jim has been doing yeoman's work mending fences with our neighbors. Thank god for his empathy and patience.

Johanna has been scrambling to replace the maple baseboards with mahogany and to have made, painted, and installed a door for the little cabinet that is to the right of the stove (when we actually get a stove, that is). I was actually going to try to capture the whole delivery on FB Live, but as it turns out, meetings at work prevent my getting there before the crew. The set up - leveling, cleaning, etc. - apparently will take the three of them the better part of the afternoon. Who knows. Maybe I'll have a FB Live go for the "reveal." Hmmm. How much weight can I lose by 2pm?

Yippee! Stay tuned!


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