Build Day #36: She's all ours!

E komo mai [welcome], Lanikaimakani! What an adventure we had yesterday! 

Our little house made her way from Johanna’s building site to her new home in Laupahoehoe, winding down side roads, barreling along the highway at 35mph, and climbing up, up, up to her resting place! Alas, it’s not her final one, as the trailer's weld gave out in two places at the bottom of the driveway. For now she is where she can catch her breath, await for the repair, and anticipate her culminating 180 degree rotation. Johanna, Bill, and JC were an awesome team, working in lockstep to get her level and hooked up for night #1. Mother Nature approves, we think, given the rainbow she threw our way at day's end.

I'm particularly happy with the bed and the loft. Making it was not a highlight, but it’s actually possible to sit up up without hitting your head, which apparently I was worried about. And there is plenty of space for our various iPad, cell phone, and drinking water needs. Gratefully, JC and Bill helped move the solar generator from the camper, so we are all hooked up for power. Whew. Wouldn’t want the phone to die.

My Craigslist score (not) continues to show her value, revealing a broken part that prevents the propane from being ignited. Given the importance of, say, chilled beverages, getting that part is a chief priority. Oh, and making a call to the seller to let her know just how “fully functional” the fridge really is. Again, live and learn. 

Malu was a bit confused until her bed found its way from the camper into its sweet nook under the desk. Jim immediately set up shop on his slab of mango, and we enjoyed a celebratory bottle of Champagne before I climbed - literally - into bed.


I believe this will be Johanna’s final report, which means her work is complete (save for the delivery of the oven and the two backordered window screens) at some point). I’m truly going to miss hearing from her each day as she makes her way through the project. Two months start to finish. Not too shabby. Here we are (trying our best to take a selfie) with Bill and her, the two magicians that brought our idea to life. (JC was off island for the summer, so only had his hands on the initial plywood flooring and the final delivery. Plus, he had left for the day, or he would have been in the pic, too.)
To you, Johanna and Bill, we thank you from the bottom of our very full hearts! Or, as they say... Mahalo plenty!

10/4/17 Your journey today

Whew. made it to the end of the driveway. all good. 
Putting brake lights back on. coming down Kula Kahiko, across the little white bridge. 
At the bottom of the bypass, where I turn his wheels back to free.

And now up the Laupahoehoe road and across the being-repaired bridge. 
Landed. not so bad. 
Check out the anuenue [rainbow]... misting... setting sun. all is good in the world...
Parting shot on my way out... 

A very sweet space. Have fun setting up your house! A hui hou [see you later]!



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