Build Day #26: Cutie patootie!

9/8/17 Cute loft...

Got the loft painted and the base molding installed. so you can have a good idea of what it is going to look like. Good your lites are so high up. that window is 24”. your mattress ensemble is half way up the window.

The USB outlets that Jim got need to go in single boxes. they don’t play well with other devices . I am unable to find a plate that works for that USB and a regular Lutron. hmm. If you can find this plate, right on. if not, then we need to buy two from Home Depot or Lowes that work with the Lutron double plates.

We got the awning up and the second exterior light. we did remake the awning so it would be little bigger because the one part would not fit with the new light on left. it looks great!

I heard the bridge by you is closing, but only in the am. I can work with that.

We still are waiting for flooring parts to arrive, and the upholstery to be sewn and the granite to be fabricated. We are actually right on schedule.

Bill is going to stop by CVW on monday and Hilo Steel to get the handrail parts. 

Alrighty then...


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