Build Day #32: Close, but no cigar!

9-25-17 Wow!

Got the flooring done. just needs base molding. got the faucet hooked up. the drawers fronts are on. the handles are in place. The end panel got cut and painted one coat.

The cushion and the pillows are great colors and they match perfectly. There is just one oops that I had. a little short on the calculations. When I sent the measurements to the Upholstery people, I was off by 8”. so we are short.

Cute gap. But how to make it work for us. I had a couple of ideas...

One: we could make a bolster that rests there when you are not using it. like 12” tall and 8” wide to use it for an arm rest. either square edge or an angled one. like for a head rest.

Two: make a small box for your blankets and stuff to fold nicely into.

Three: put a round bolster in there for under your knees when you are finally prone and resting.

Four: I think there is enuf material to redo that cushion. Entirely up to you. 

[We chose 4. A complete redo. I just know that "cute gap" would drive me insane.]

My bad. doesn’t happen often. but here we are.

I love what is happening inside your hale. all flowered up.


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