Build Day #1: Move over, Ke Umi!

Ke umi means "the ten" in Hawaiian. The green house is Johanna's tenth tiny house, thus the name. She calls our the "akamai," which means "expert." Of course the northeasterner in me assumes she named it that because of how sure we have been about the things we want. Akin to "bossypants." Maybe, however, she really means something complimentary. The Better Me chooses to see it that way.

Anyhoo... here's the latest report, including some pictures of Ke Umi, the house of the client ahead of us. I'm not sure where someone would hang out inside of it (couches figure prominently in our design), but the kitchen is practically full size. Impressive.


The subfloor went on... and all four walls got built and are laying on top of the trailer... Monday...we will raise the walls...

Here is the Ke Umi... I got most of the doors on... Some are not completely finished...but you can see the quality of the workmanship. Got the pullout step. Appliances are in.

Here is the loft. I would like you both to go up there and lay down. Here are the handrails.

Alrighty then. Sleep well.

So, we are heading over to her building site later today to give Ke Umi's loft a whirl. I've been kind of a princess about needing a real life mattress and box spring, so I think she wants to prove that all of my angst is for naught. What can I say? In the absence of a good night's sleep, I am not...well... my best self. 

She is pointing out the handrails because when we looked at some of her earlier builds, they had this wavy, metal railing, which is a little hippie-dippy for me. After determining that a railing ultimately is less functional because of the position your body has to be in to navigate the treads, we came up with the idea of having simple handrails at the important grab points. Glad her pioneer run happened in Ke Umi.

Day #1 is in the books!



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