Build Day #14: Serious progress!

We leave Eleuthera today, which makes me very sad, so it was nice to get Johanna's message with the "good news" subject line. It's starting to look like a real house, no??

8/16/17 Good news!

Bill got the interior paneling done today. totally focused. did a GREAT job. He also got the gas line installed. all swept. ready for next phase.

I got the rest of the battens on the house. Cyndy caulked each one and will paint it tomorrow. unless she painted the interior?

I was installing the window flashing as well. see it?

The roofing arrived and the packet of screws. the white piece is a top sheet. Bill will start this tomorrow. hopefully finish it.

I'm hoping to get the loft t&g installed tomorrow. now that Bill is out of there.

The fabric arrived today. It is at the Waiaka house. Barrie would like to go over the fabrics with you when it is convenient.

Hoping for some base cabinets on Friday. yippee!

Okay. see you tomorrow!



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